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Personal & intensive assistance is important to us

Your Vaxxinova Diagnostics Team

Vaxxinova Team
Our laboratory team consists of experienced veterinarians with doctorates, who have qualified for Veterinary specialist in the areas of virology, bacteriology & mycology and immunology. The laboratory has the permission of advanced training for veterinarians in virology.

You also benefit from the long-term experience of our (veterinary) medical technicians, some of who work for us since the foundation of the laboratory in 2012, and our friendly and competent customer service for telephone service and invoicing.

The proximity to our clients is important for us! That’s why we like to discuss with you your planned examinations, the sample material, your examination results or other matters.

Impressions of our work

Since 2012, the laboratory for comprehensive diagnostics for swine, cattle, fish and poultry has been situated at its location at Deutscher Platz in the Biocity of Leipzig. It offers its services for German and international clients.

Our work

  • quality
  • promptness
  • flexibility
  • in-depth consultation
  • promoting digitization

We are available for you

Discuss with us your planned examinations, the sample material or your examination results!
Samples can be put in our cooled container in the access yard at all times (size of package should be max. 35 x 20 x 20 cm).
Every day, we perform our diagnostics for PRRSV, as well as PCR for influenza virus and serology for Salmonella. After pre-consultation with us, we are flexible enough to examine your samples according to your time preferences.

How to contact us

+49 (0) 341 463 798 50

Our business hours:

Mo – Fr 8.00 – 18.00 o’clock